Perfect French Fries, Fruit, and Vegetable Cutter


We can probably all agree that fries are not the healthiest thing one can eat. They are, however, delicious. So how about you compromise and make some fries yourself at home? You can control the ingredients, the amount of oil—heck, you can even bake them instead of frying them. It will be easier than you think with this potato cutter. It's designed to give you near-perfect slices of fry-shaped potato so you can indulge without even leaving the house!

  • Easy to use
  • Just peel the potato and pop into the cutter and press down
  • Easy to clean—dishwasher safe
  • Great to slice vegetables and fruits
  • Help make perfect fries
  • Also works for other vegetables and fruit
  • Material -PP +ABS + Stainless Steel blade
  • Product dimensions - 5.3 x 4 x 3.1''
Perfect French Fries, Fruit, and Vegetable Cutter
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