Oil Sprayer Set for Cooking, BBQ ,Baking Roasting

  • The oil sprayer set includes transparent glass bottles with a stainless steel professional pressing nozzle.

    The unique transparent pot helps with the measurements.

  •  You can fill it with vegetable oil, olive oil, or vinegar and use it for cooking, baking, grilling, or frying.

  • You can easily use the sprayer by pressing the pressure pump and control the oil usage efficiently.

  • This olive oil sprayer is a portable-sized bottle that can be used outside the kitchen for grilling, bbq, or a picnic, etc. Refill the sprayer with fresh oil and use it anywhere.

  • Easy to use and clean. 

Care Instructions
  • Put the hot water and detergent in the bottle and shake it for a while. Wash it up with clean water.
  • Material: SUS304/201+Glass

  • Product volume:100ml

  • Product size: 6.8 inches high, 4 inches dia.

Oil Sprayer Set for Cooking, BBQ ,Baking Roasting
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